The Essence

Smart cards improve the convenience and security of any transaction. They provide tamper-proof storage of user and account identity. Smart card systems have proven to be more reliable than other machine-readable cards, like magnetic stripe and barcode, with many studies showing card read life and reader life improvements demonstrating much lower cost of system maintenance. Biometrics is the measurement of physiological characteristics like – but not limited to – fingerprint, iris patterns, or facial features that can be used to identify an individual. In a nutshell, Smart Cards & Biomterics provide a complete solution for authentication and authorization!!

Services Offered

At Opiant we have a vast experience to offer a complete solution in the concealed field of Smart Cards & Biometrics that suits the business needs. We help you achieve the robust security solutions in the underlying facet of the technology.

Contact us to learn how we can work together to implement the best Smart Cards & Biometric Solutions for your organization.

  • Smart Card based ID Cards
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Biometric Attendance System
  • Transport Attendance System
  • Visitor Management System


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