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Niche Technology Stacks To Drive your business forward



PHP Hypertext Pre-processor (earlier called, Personal Home Page) is a widely used open source language, specially designed to programme the server side. It is also used as a general programming language and can be easily embedded into HTML. PHP is the right choice for those seeking a robust, feature rich website.

    Key Advantages

  • Compatible with a wide range of relational database management systems.
  • Runs efficiently on all major web servers and operating systems.
  • Supports various frameworks.
  • Quick and easy to upgrade.
  • Provides an extensive tech support.

Opiant’s PHP experts are well versed with the latest technologies and practices, design and develop a website that promotes your brand and delegate you a higher position among your competitors. We are known for PHP development and customization, CakePHP application and customization, PHP CMS development etc. Our speciality lies in the Laravel Framework which is created after the model–view–controller (MVC) architectural pattern.

“Ample Language Attributes”

“Innovative Custom Applications”


Net the latest version of ASP (Active Server Pages), is another great product from Microsoft that is specifically developed for building dynamic websites, applications and services. This open source framework supports the development and working of the leading edge applications. .Net is widely preferred for web application development as it heavily trims the amount of coding required even for sizeable applications yet offers excellent performance.

    Key Advantages

  • Shorter code, even for bulky apps.
  • More secure and robust.
  • Platform is language independent.
  • Easy to edit as the HTML source and code are insulated.
  • Offers a huge collection of supportive tools for development.

The .Net team at Opiant is adept at rendering an adaptable and robust results to all web applications, as per the client requirements to bring a hike in their business output. Our team is skilled in ASP.Net desktop and web app development, ASP.Net software product development, Third party integration & customization, Database application development etc. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we handle the full cycle development of your web applications and services.


Java is a general-purpose computer programming language that is concurrent, classbased and object-oriented. It was developed with the intent of ‘Write once, run anywhere.’ i.e. once compiled a java code can run on all supported platforms, without the need of a recompilation.

    Key Advantages

  • A cross-platform tool (platform independent) with high portability.
  • Robust security features.
  • Large active user community and support available.
  • Provision of Eclipse SDK and NetBeans like development tools with debugging capability and an integrated development environment.
  • Compatible with Scala, Groovy, JRuby, and Clojure.

Team Opiant has ample experience with java based web and mobile applications, B2B Integration, Application design and development on J2EE framework and J2EEcompliant application servers etc and can bring in far reaching improvements in your online presence. We keep the efficiency, robustness and responsiveness of our products at heart while coding masterpieces for our clients. We prefer client satisfaction over efforts, so we leave no stone unturned to turn your business profile up on the online arena.

“Write Once Language”
“Cleaner Code and Better Interactions"


Hypertext Mark-up Language revision 5 (HTML5) is the mark-up language for the structuring and presenting of W3 (World Wide Web) contents. It backs the traditional HTML and XHTML-style syntax as well as the new features like New APIs, XHTML and error handling.

    Key Advantages

  • User friendly designs and device friendly codes.
  • Multi device functionality.
  • Elegance, consistency and clarity in designs.
  • Supports offline application cache.
  • Supports rich media elements like embedding graphics, audio, video etc.

The Opiant team is highly skilled in delivering you device friendly, robust and coherent products. We offer HTML5 mobile app and web design and development, Cross platform app development, CSS3 HTML5 web design and Performance Optimization services. We design creatively with focus on agility and robustness of the application. We are efficient in imparting an opulent touch to your application with no added complexities.


Developed by Netscape, JavaScripts (Js) are the dynamic and high level computer programming language generally adopted to create interactive effects within web browsers. Alongside HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the three core technologies of World Wide Web content production.

    Key Advantages

  • JavaScript is executed at the client’s end.
  • Capability to grant a rich front end interface.
  • Relatively more agile for the end user.
  • Extended functionality to web pages like pop-up windows, mouse rollover effects etc.
  • Procedural programming capabilities

We are one of the best Java experts in the market. We are experienced in the latest frameworks of JavaScript’s, namely, Node.js, Angular, Knockout, Bootstrap, Sencha, KendoUI and Backbone.js. Our work speaks for our skills, and we keep them sharp by learning all the latest updates on regular basis.

“Create Highly Responsive Interfaces”

“High Performance with More Security"

Native Mobile Apps

Native mobile applications are those which are specifically designed and developed for a particular mobile operating system. When an application is developed this way, it not only imparts an impeccable ‘look’ and ‘feel’, but also works with agility

    Key Advantages

  • Easier to work with and also perform faster on the device.
  • Consistent user experience.
  • Can better use the mobile OS’s basic functionality (user interface, GPS, file storage system, camera etc)
  • Land more support from their native app stores.
  • More safe and secure.

Opiant’s mobile application team is highly skilled in the design and development of native Mobile Applications. We work with Objective C for IOS and with Java for Android operating system. Since, mobiles have higher reach ability than PC devices, we know the importance of our product in improving your brand name. The quality of the apps we develop will reflect as the quality you deliver in your business.

Hybrid Mobile Applications

Hybrid mobile applications are similar to web apps but clothed as (native) mobile apps. The hybrid apps use a single unified code which runs on multiple mobile platforms. Moreover a hybrid app loads most of the content while the user navigates through the application, and not simply when the user first installs the app.

    Key Advantages

  • Portable (Single Code, Multiple Platforms).
  • Cheaper development process.
  • Takes lesser time for development than native apps.
  • Offline support.
  • Better access to 3rd party codes.

At Opiant, we use the Ionic framework which is a HTML5 mobile app development framework. It not only offers better UI Interface but also finer access to most of the device components. Beautiful designs are another plus point. We design and develop as per the demand and requirements of your enterprise. Our customer’s goals are what we convert into our success. Our experts have all the right skills and knowledge to deliver you an application that works like magic, and cede your venture an extra shine in the market.

“Cross Platform and Cost Effective Apps"

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